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While we think you can put stone almost anywhere, by far the most common times our customers come looking for stone countertops are for an upcoming kitchen or bathroom remodel. A few weeks ago, we posted about the upcoming kitchen trends for 2022 (6 Rock Solid Kitchen Trends), so we figured it would be a good time to post something similar for all the trends we’re seeing coming for bathrooms this year. Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house, but even such a tiny room can make a huge impact on your home. Whether you’re looking to remodel a main bathroom that is used by everyone in the house (and guests) or a secluded sanctuary-style spa of an ensuite just for you, the features and finishes you choose in a bathroom can change the look and feel drastically. While it’s fun to look into which features are new and trendy, the most important step to starting a bathroom remodel is to choose finishes you love. Bathrooms are expensive rooms and it’s costly and difficult to change them regularly, so we recommend you use trends as a guide, but make your final choices based on what you will love for decades down the road. (Need help? Contact us so we can show you some options).

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Make it bigger

 Just like with current kitchen trends, going bigger is a major bathroom remodel trend. While we all don’t have the space (or budget) to make every room bigger, there are few rooms that benefit more from even a small size increase. A few extra square feet can really change the look of a bathroom, and add a sense of luxury that merely changing the finishes can’t. Creating a bathroom that feels like a spa is a huge trend for 2022, and size is a contributing factor, so take a hard look at the layout of your home (or the plans of your new build) and see if there isn’t somewhere you can steal a few feet from.

bathroom countertop winnipeg

Let the sun in

There is no light as flattering as sunlight, and no room where feeling and looking your best is more important than the bathroom, so let the sun in! Adding a window to your bathroom (or increasing the size of an existing one) makes the space feel light and bright. While some might openly cringe at the idea of having a window in such an intimate space, there are lots of options available that can bridge the gap between sunlight and privacy (think frosted glass, or high windows).

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Opt for luxury

Gone are the days of laminate countertops, vinyl floors and inexpensive finishes as homeowners are increasingly opting to add some luxury to their bathrooms. Steam showers, free-standing bathtubs, heated tile floors, stone countertops, and unique hardware (that adds an extra pop) top the list of things homeowners want to add to their bathroom remodel. If you’re on a budget, don’t feel like you need to do everything with high-end materials, but instead opt for one or two of your must-haves that will make the biggest impact in the space.

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Include organics

Bringing the outside in has been a growing trend (pardon our pun) as more homeowners are finding natural elements to bring into their spaces. Plants can certainly thrive in a bathroom environment (as long as you have some of that coveted sunlight) and add a little extra organic flair to what can sometimes be a room full of straight lines and hard surfaces. If you’re just not a plant person, fake plants work just as well (and are sometimes indistinguishable from the real thing), or just think about bringing a natural pattern into your space with some wood touches.

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Consider white stone countertops

While white marble bathroom countertops is a trending surface, it’s not always the most practical surface for everyone (marble is one of the softer stones and can scratch more easily). Thankfully there are some incredible quartz options that can mimic the classic veining and bright whites of marble with a hefty dose of durability. Whether you are using it on a shower surround, your countertops, backsplashes or even on the floor, white stone surfaces elevate your bathroom remodel and enhance that spa-like feel everyone loves so much.

custom bathroom countertops

Discover matte

Designers have long said that every room benefits from a little bit of black, and they’re right. While we might immediately think of metallic fixtures and hardware in a bathroom, matte black has been showing up more and more (and looks poised to stick around for a while). It’s classic, bold and rich.

Matte metallics are also pretty popular right now, with champagne and gold colours joining the always-popular matte/brushed nickel.

Hope this post offered up some inspiration. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, we serve Winnipeg and the surrounding area, and would be thrilled to help you find the perfect stone (sinks and faucets too!) for your needs. Come down to our newly updated showroom and take a look at the different samples we have. From the unique natural beauty of granite, marble and quartzite, to the flawless consistency of manufactured quartz and porcelain, we have what you’re looking for!