Bathroom Countertops

Be inspired by our custom bathroom countertops

For such a tiny room, bathrooms make a splash in your home… figuratively and sometimes literally too. There are not many rooms (save the kitchen, perhaps) where functionality means as much much as style. We all want to live in a beautiful space and our bathroom is no exception, but if it doesn’t look good AND work well, we’re going to have issues. Stone countertops offer a scrub-able, hard-working, moisture-resistant surface with all the class and style of your favourite spa, and what could be better than that? In our opinion, there’s no material that is better suited to bathroom surfaces quite like solid stone.

All of our stone—from the beautiful consistency of manufactured stone like quartz and porcelain to the unique character of natural stone like granite, marble and quartzite—is stunning enough to suit your style and durable enough to stand up to whatever life throws at it. With minimal care, your stone surfaces will make a statement for decades to come.

Our bathroom gallery shows the variety of different bathroom countertops we’ve done for our customers. If you’re considering stone countertops for your bathroom build or the renovation of your bathroom, we’re always happy to show you all the beautiful products available to help turn your bathroom into that functional sanctuary you desire. We have a lot of experience with stone fabrication and if you need tips or suggestions, we’re ready to help. Come and visit our Winnipeg Solid Stone Countertop showroom, or contact us here. We want nothing more than for you to bring stone home.